23 Nov 2012

Break my head

H&M skirt, jumper and studded jacket from Ebay
H&M skirt, H&M man jumper, Studded jacket from Ebay
Fridays are great, just great, it's the end of the week, work is getting a little less hectic and everyone is looking forward to that nice cold pint at the end of the day.
When it comes to dressing myself to work it's another story, usually Friday is the day I allow myself to spend a little extra time under the duvet which results in me getting up five minutes before it's time to leave. This also means that any plans to wear anything decent (in case I'll unexpectedly end up having drinks somewhere nice after work) go out of the window and I find myself reaching out to whatever is laying nearest, this morning was one of those Fridays. 

I had an outfit in mind the minute I got out of bed, I thought the studded jacket can help to spark an otherwise boring jumper and skirt combo but the minute I put it on I decided I hate it, eventually I picked up this green and black textured skirt from H&M and a grey jumper and teamed it with the studded jacket. Am I happy with this combo? No but it's great as it would be just one of those reminders that it might be good to get up a little earlier and think twice before I get dressed.

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