22 Feb 2014

Zara's spring summer shoe extravaganza

Zara's spring summer shoe extravaganza

Spending the last couple of weeks of the radar with a nasty chest infection that pretty much left me confined to my own bed, didn't really help much when it came to fashion inspiration. 
However, shoes are one of these items that not even a nasty medical condition can stop me from thinking about and Zara's new spring/summer collection is full of some of the most exciting spring/summer shoes I have seen in the last few years. 
I have to admit I'm terribly picky with shoes especially when it comes to summer shoes but it seems that this summer , the list of option is endless and quite exciting and Zara is certainly leading the way on the high-street in my opinion with plenty of choice. 

5 Feb 2014

Ray of light

Ray of light

The theme of the past few weeks was a bit gloomy, the weather is horrible, getting to work is a nightmare and in general , fashion isn't on top of my list of priorities but slowly and surely new season collection are creeping into the shops and somewhere between all of the doom and gloom there are a few rays of light coming from the high-street and one of them is brought to us by COS, it's quite obvious I'm a huge fan as I mentioned my love for COS so many times before , but this season more than previously I'm excited by the new collection mainly because unlike many other high-street retails who seem to be riding high on the wave of pleats and mid-riff baring tops, COS actually produce an elegant and wearable collections that touch all of the trends without making you feel like a fashion victim. I mentioned before that I have yet to see any new season collection on the high-street that got me excited, luckily I can trust COS to produce a collection that I can actually get excited about because I can actually wear some of it without feeling like an idiot. So thank you COS for being a trusty fashion saviour in this mad trend-lead fashion world, this is my ray of light on this dark and gloomy February day and I can't wait to get my hands on some of these brilliant pieces. 

1 Feb 2014


Since this winter , more then ever I'm wearing the same outfits and items again and again, my only comfort right now when it comes to my outfits is actually having enough accessories to shadow the fact I'm wearing the same skirt and jumpers over and over again most days of the week. I kind of love the combination of the scarf and wide brim hat right now,  good for sheltering from the random gusts of wind and insane showers currently battering the UK, also serves as a great solution for hiding and covering my slightly hangover face after a couple of drinks too many last night with my workmates. I can already see this outfit is going to become a regular favourite for as long time (or until the weather warms up a little bit ...)

28 Jan 2014

Printed matter

I mentioned a few days ago that I'm really looking forward to adding a bit of print to my wardrobe after what feels like a long print-free winter and whilst I have yet to find anything in the clothing department that gets me excited, it seems like my obsession with bags, shoes and accessories has reached new heights and this week unintentionally I ended up with not one but two leopard printed items. The gorgeous and slightly outrageous scarf was my first find, I've seen it while browsing the &Other Stories website, which always seems to be a great source for exciting and sometimes slightly over the top accessories and this scarf is probably one of these items that's just the serves the right injection of print and colour on my lazy black dress days. 
The second item which was quite an exciting find is a the leopard print camera bag from Black Lilly that was deeply discounted when I found it, I was on the lookout for this bag for a long time but it seemed to have sold out everywhere online and I had absolutely no idea any shops here in London stock their items until I visited The Mercantile in Spitafields, this shop is pretty incredible and deservers a post of its own dedicated to it as they have an incredible selection of Scandinavian fashion brands.
I'm really excited with my new finds, although I may be lacking in new season items I'm feeling that my recent accessory discoveries might be the key to re-working my tired and boring wardrobe without having to purchase any new clothes for a while (I'm going to be slightly more strict with myself until there is actually a reason to buy some new season items).

26 Jan 2014

Sunday's stripes

I did a little bit of a wardrobe clear-out today and found this stripy jumper I forgot about. I have to admit my wardrobe is in state, it's clearly been built for a guy who has 3 t-shirts and one pair of jeans, it's so tiny that I usually can't fit more than a few jumpers and basics on the shelves which means that every once in while I need to refresh my memory and pull some things for a bit of a wardrobe refresh, I usually then take a few items from my clothing rail and put them back to the wardrobe, I try to do this at least once or twice a month so I can get a good view of what I have, especially at times when I get really bored wearing the same over and over again so I was really happy to find this stripy jumper although I have to admit it wasn't my best purchase this winter, I got caught up for a bit with the stripes trend but eventually forgot this jumper at the back of my wardrobe which was actually not  such a bad thing as now I can finally enjoy it now that I'm a bit sick of the sight of solid roll necks and oversized jumpers which I have far too many of.