3 Jan 2013

One dress

Following last night's post on trying to keep up with my new year's resolution to lay out whatever I want to wear the night before, I felt an urge to wear this colourful dress from Zara that I got recently, however the weather is way too cold in my opinion for just the dress and being a real wuss who is usually afraid to step out of the house in the winter without piling on at least three layers of thermals and jumpers made debate my decision to wear this dress today without an additional layer to keep me warm. I initially decided to go with the khaki shirt I bought the same time I bought the dress because I felt they worked really well together , but then my fear of the cold has taken over again and I immediately remembered the hideous khaki coloured jumper I dug out from the bottom of the wardrobe a few weeks ago and swore I won't ever wear , however it seemed to me that the dress and the jumper  were somehow made for each other even though it might not be the most polished and elegant look it still felt comfy and warm enough to wear to work.  Amazingly just as I was leaving for work the sun came out for a quick visit , not a bad start to the say after all!

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