23 Dec 2012

Secret Santa

My friends and I have a small Christmas tradition of meeting up the weekend before Christmas to exchange our Secret Santa presents. One of the main rules apart from the budget is to make sure the present would actually be useful as we all agreed years ago that giving someone a present they won't use is a bit of a waste of money and slightly annoying.
We also do the Secret Santa raffle months in advance so we have enough time to think of a nice gift for each other which is one of the best things as everyone gets something really nice.
Yesterday we met up at the local pub for drinks and a festive gift exchange and this skirt was the present I got from my Secret Santa ! I was actually really over the moon getting a skirt as a secret Santa present, honestly I can't think of anything else that I would be happy with, I love wearing skirts and having a new skirt for Christmas makes me happy.
This one is kind of unusual which makes me like it even more and I can't wait to wear it as it would be such a  great skirt to wear with a simple black jumper which is probably my current favourite combination when it comes to casual outfits.

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