27 Oct 2013

BYCO. A different approach to fashion

A different way to shop

A dear friend shared a link to a wonderful site that I have never heard of before but instantly got excited about . BYCO. is a platform dedicated to help designers bypass the hurdles that come with the process of production and distribution of fashion by handling the process of sampling, production, distribution as well as photography and marketing. Designers are invited to submit their designs and the selected designs are then produced and sold on the site. The designers themselves receive a percentage of the sales when their submissions are selected to be sold on the site. 
As someone who always likes a little bit of online shopping and more than that loves discovering new designers, it looks to be a very promising platform, the designs being sold on the site at the moment look beautiful and well made and what's more surprising is that the items are actually affordable with some items starting at $80. I think BYCO. definitely is definitely a great example of the future of innovation in fashion marketing and retail online and I'm really looking forward to seeing this platform growing.

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