24 Oct 2013

Falling leaves

The weather is turning colder and the streets slowly start filling up with fallen leaves, summer time will soon be over and winter is going to start officially in just a few days so what can be more perfect than this slouchy jumper from Zara with a pattern of grey leaves? It's actually been one of my first 'winter' buys sometime in early august, I actually worn it through the last few weeks of August when the crazy heat wave that hit the UK finally stopped as I couldn't wait for it to finally get colder, I actually started wearing it pretty much immediately despite the fact it was still warm enough for just a t-shirt. I'm really happy with this buy, it served me well so far and I always loved a nice jumper with a bit of a print to break a boring black outfit, not to mention the fact the leaf pattern is just perfect print for this time of the year.

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