15 Oct 2013

Leather will make it better?

I'm loving leather skirts at the moment, so much that I'm now the owner of 4 different leather/leather looking skirts. I've been having a roll with leather skirts at the moment and worn one at least once a week for the past few weeks. I just love the way they look with a simple jumper or t-shirt, there's nothing new here but for me being able to wear one without being worried that I'm overdoing it has been a great comfort. I had a bit of a funny experience in my former job last year when I wore one and one of my work colleagues commented that wearing a leather skirt might be a bit over the top for our office. It wasn't that it was a big faux-pas , but in an office where jeans were the official uniform, a leather skirt did seem a bit over the top on most days so I didn't get a chance to actually enjoy my skirts properly until recently and lately I've developed liking to pretty much wearing a leather skirt with anything from a printed sweatshirt to a simple jumper. I feel the leather texture helps to bring a simple outfit to life.  

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