10 Dec 2013

Gift search - part 2 - the little brother

Gift searct - part 2 - the picky brother

My brother is probably one of my best friends, we have a seven year difference between us and growing up we definitely had our moments of bickering and arguing. He used to be a bit of a wild kid and definitely a bit of a nightmare when I was left alone at home as his babysitter, but through the years and especially since I have moved away our friendship has grown stronger and stronger so there's nothing I love more than buying a gift that will make him happy. 
My brother's biggest passion is photography and unlike me, he's actually really good at it, but being a student, he's unable to invest in expensive photography equipment, so this year my parents and I chipped in and we got him a bit of photography themed Christmas and birthday present. I think my brother is probably the most fun person to buy presents for, he's always so happy and thankful no matter what he gets and since he's celebrating he's 25th birthday just before Christmas I think he deserves something extra special. I really can't wait to be back at home for Christmas and spend some quality time with him!

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