8 Dec 2013

Oh joy

I always feel a little adventurous when I get dressed during the weekends, I suppose it's always a good excuse to try out all sorts of outfits I had in my head and see if it goes well or turns into a total failure, this was one of these outfits that I just thought could work but just couldn't completely convince myself it did. When I try to test an outfit, I'm usually not really happy with it until I actually go out and wear it outside, if I walk around all day feeling uncomfortable and constantly having to fix it , then I know it doesn't really work. So this outfit was exactly it, to be honest I wasn't sure it would work the minute I put it on but was a bit too lazy to change things so told myself it's all going to be fine when I left the house and worst case scenario I had my coat to cover the mess If I start feeling really uncomfortable, perhaps I should have given it a second thought before I left the house because I wasn't feeling it worked right, but I guess there's always the photos and the posts here to remind me what's good and what's not and luckily I actually enjoy those 'not so great' outfit days after all. 

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