4 Dec 2013

When Corp called

It was inevitable but today I had my first proper meeting with a corporate client. When my bosses set up the meeting,  the first thing I heard was 'it's time to take out the suits and ties', fashionwise it was not a good sign for me and I immediately picked up the phone to my 'corpy' friend and asked her to dress me up for the meeting. I trawled through my wardrobe and pulled out the best 'smart' dresses I had but my friend was one step ahead of me and picked up a couple of items from her 'smart' wardrobe to bring over. I felt it would be best to let her make the choices, whether I liked them or not and after trying out a number of looks we both were in agreement that this grey dress with a white shirt layered underneath will probably do the job just fine. To be honest I really wasn't a fan of this look, it really felt a bit out of my comfort zone so decided to leave the white shirt and just wear the dress with a nice pair of moderate heels. At the end of the day I felt the content of the meeting and its success was much more important than nailing that 'corporate' look I'm so scared of and luckily the meeting went well so now I can go back home and change into an outfit I feel more comfortable in. 

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