25 Nov 2012

The day after last night - an adventure in dressing to go out

Going out jumper, skirt, handbag, topshop, MMM for H&M
Topshop jumper, leather look skirt, MMM for H&M bag

A few days ago my friend invited me to celebrate her 30th birthday, whilst we usually go out to our local pub for a couple of drinks this time it was a proper black and white themed birthday part with a room booked in a somewhat posh restaurant.
When I got the invitation I said 'no problem , dress in black , that's so easy' only to realise that I barely have any decent all black going out clothes.
In general whenever I go out I feel very under-dressed , I usually see girls dress all shiny and sparkly , big hair , huge heels whereas I always stick to what I consider comfortable. So after digging through my wardrobe and mixing and matching outfits I realised there was nothing I can consider  appropriate enough for a birthday party in a posh restaurant. That's when I decided to kill to birds in one go and get myself something I would also be able to wear for the holiday season and a never ending series of Christmas parties and dinners.

I was eyeing the studded Topshop jumper for a while but thought it might be a bit over the top for my usually casual and simple style so every time I passed next to Topshop I had to convince myself I really don't need this jumper, until the birthday outfit search started. For a couple of days I held myself from going to Topshop telling myself that I'll eventually find something nice and shiny in my wardrobe but yesterday I caved in and decided it's time to get hold of that jumper and on the way sort out at least one of my holiday season outfits.

So there it is , my fairly simple but slightly blingy festive outfit, teamed with a leather look skirt and the MMM for H&M handbag.

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