25 Dec 2012

Christmas jumper time !

Merry Christmas, it's finally Christmas day , time to put on your silly little Christmas jumper and finally open all those Christmas presents (even though I already opened all of my presents in the last few days , I'm bad!).
I'm going to spend this morning wearing this cardigan, I'm pretty sure it's not a standard Christmas jumper but I really love it , although wear it only once a year on Christmas day.
It comes with a funny story as well, I found it in my grandmother's wardrobe a few years ago while looking for some interesting vintage pieces. My grandmother kept telling me she has no idea where this cardigan came from and how it got to her wardrobe, I knew she's probably not just saying that because this jumper isn't really her style so I decided to take it with me, then a few month later my mum got a call from my aunt who was frantically looking for a cardigan she left ages ago in my grandmother's house, obviously by then everyone forgot about the cardi but then my mum realised it was the on I took away with me as a Christmas jumper. So every Christmas day my mum is jokingly asking me 'Are you taking good care of this cardigan? because you might need to bring it back someday'.
So there it is ,just before heading back to the comfort of my living room for some wine and cakes,  my little silly Christmas jumper story - Merry Christmas ! 

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