26 Dec 2012

Almost back to normal

Jacket H&M, Jumper New Look Men, Skirt Maison Scotch

Christmas day has gone and boxing day is upon us, whilst some people will be rushing into the shops to nab some sale items, I'm getting ready to meet some friends for a nice pub lunch , the best thing is that I can try out some of my sale buys as obviously I couldn't hold myself and did some shopping the sales that started before Christmas. 
Today the weather is surprisingly nice so means I don't have to layer up a ton of thermals and jumpers to feel warm. I really wanted to try out the Maison Scotch skirt I got in the Asos sale and thought of wearing it with just a button down shirt but changed my mind and decided to go with a simple grey jumper and a thick biker jacket on top to make sure I'm still warm enough. 
My friend has asked me to meet her for a walk around the shops before we head to the pub but to be honest I'm not too thrilled about this so trying to prepare myself mentally for the madness, luckily last month's expenses would mean I will be keeping away from any unexpected purchases. I'm sort of happy I prepared a list and now have all of the items I really wanted. 
Hopefully everyone will have a lovely Boxing Day, whether for shopping or just hanging out with friends and family :) 

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