19 Dec 2012

Holiday festivities laziness

The combination of cold weather and recovering from a brutal flu are the main factor in my laziness over the last few days, whilst using the recovery excuse for layering more jumpers as a simple solution to dressing up in the morning, I'm know getting to the stage when I need to pull myself together and prepare myself to the festive dinners that I'll be attending over the next few days. 
The Christmas dress has already done one round at the work Christmas-do and might be making an appearance again soon, but now all I want is something warm and comfy to help me pass the Christmas dinners I'm going to attend. 
I once again decided to avoid any spending and decided to keep it simple on two occasions and teaming up a leather look skirt with the Topshop jumper I previously worn to my friend's birthday. The other jumper is one of my favourites, the sort of jumper that doesn't look too exciting but works so nicely with a leather look skirt. I've been lusting for this jumper from Sandro for ages and last month whilst on a layover in Amsterdam decided that it would be a great piece to invest in. I'm really happy with it, there wasn't a single item it didn't work with and my favourite is teaming it with a black skirt!
So there it is, too warm and comfy outfit options to help me survive more holiday festivities.

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