18 Dec 2012

Letting some light in

I spent the past week bed-ridden, trying to fight off the flu that knocked me down completely and forced me into bed for over a week. Spending a whole week at home in my pyjamas has definitely taken its toll because by the time I finally started feeling better I started feeling quite fed up with the winter, the gloomy weather, the pre-Christmas madness and pretty much everything, but the worst was trying to get myself back into proper clothes. All the doom and gloom of the last few weeks just made me feel like I'm absolutely fed up of everything dark and grey, including all those lovely items in my wardrobe that suddenly looked so unappealing. I really felt like I need a change and wanted to inject some colour into my wardrobe after holding myself for so long so I went to Zara and ended up with this lovely printed dress that has a bit of a Isabel Marant vibe to it and is definitely an item I'll be happy wearing when it gets warmer. To that , for cold days I decided to add a khaki colour shirt that will be replacing my battered and abused vintage denim shirt that I had in my closet for a good few years now. 
I'm actually really looking forward to seeing more colour in my wardrobe and can't wait for new season items to start arriving into the shops. 

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