1 Jan 2013

Sheer temptation

Sheer biker jacket - Zara
Yesterday while running errands I fell for the Zara trap again and decided to walk in and have a last look at the sale items. Zara in the sales period is usually an absolute mess and I find it hard to find anything when everything is just all over the place but I decided to have another look yesterday to see if I can spot anything that might be worth an investment and found this gorgeous sheer biker style jacket which I thought would be a great item to layer with when the weather gets a little warmer, it looks lovely over a simple t-shirt and might actually be a great alternative to cardigans which I'm not usually a fan off. So yeah , there again, I'm admitting I once again fell into the sales trap, so glad the holidays are nearly over and everything will be getting back to normal soon  :)
Happy New Year ! 

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