2 Jan 2013

Not keeping up with resolutions...

American Vintage skirt , Gap shirt, River Island jacket
I've been debating with myself whether I want to post this outfit or not. This is actually what I wore to work today and it's the result of not keeping up with my resolution to lay out whatever I want to wear the night before. This resolution is something that appears on my resolutions list almost every year and I always manage to break it fairly quickly unfortunately. Most of the time I usually tell myself what I think I want to wear before going to bed, a lot of the times I have to admit I can't remember those details in the morning, and today's outfit is exactly what happens when I try to remember what I was thinking of wearing the night before. Obviously this is not what I was thinking of but when I woke up too late it was really a case of grabbing whatever I thought would work. I sort spent the day regretting I was wearing this outfit but I guess there are good fashion days and bad fashion days , for me at least. At least this has been a good reminder why  I should work harder on keeping up my New Year's resolutions after all :)

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