10 Dec 2012

The bottom of the wardrobe

You might think this is a menswear related post, but it's actually not. This post is all about reminding myself why it's always good to think twice before buying something.
What does the bottom of my wardrobe has to with that? Well, for a long time now , the bottom of my wardrobe has been the place where all fashion mistakes have been laying , in case one day I wake up and change my mind about them, although this rarely happens, from time to time I have a look around and try and see how I can workout those items into my daily outfits.
A good reference for that is the example above, I found the shirt and the nasty green/khaki sweater yesterday as I was trying to re-organise my wardrobe, the shirt on it's own is fine, but I'm ashamed to say I can't recall when I last wore it. The sweater, has definitely never seen the light of day and just looking at the photo I can't help but hear my mum whispering 'what on earth were you thinking' . So now I don't really know , I decided to see if those two work together and cringed a little bit but thought  maybe sometime this week I will give them a chance - probably each on its own, if this doesn't work, at least it would be a good reminder to think twice before making my next purchase!

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