7 Dec 2012

The plaid test

Earlier this week I wrote about the plaid shirt I got as an early Christmas present. 
I mentioned plaid was definitely not something I would usually consider wearing and over the last few days I was debating whether I should try and return the shirt or just stick with it , overcome my usual dislike of plaid and give it a chance.
I'll be honest and it might sounds a little freaky but I was a little haunted by the shirt for the last few days, constantly checking on it and trying it on , then putting it back and picking it up again until this morning I decided that I'm going to give it a test run and wear it with the skirt I initially thought would look alright teamed with the shirt but after I put both on I still felt like the plaid is completely overpowering and really wanted to tone it down , at this point I decided that a roll neck might save the day and layered it on top of the shirt leaving only a slight hint of plaid sticking out and to my surprise I actually liked this combination which helped me keep warm and get a chance to use a present I wasn't really sure about.
So there it goes,I'm now officially an owner of a plaid shirt,who knows maybe soon I'll feel comfortable enough to wear it without layering anything on top of it!

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