8 Dec 2012

The holiday dress

Dress Warehouse
So Christmas and the usual Christmas related festivities are around the corner which means that once again I find myself stressing over all sorts of silly details such as 'why am I going to where to this and that?'.
Usually I'm sticking with whatever I have in my wardrobe as I prefer not spend too much on dresses and items I'm unlikely to wear once the holidays are over but this year I decided to treat myself.
I had two things I decided to stick to when I started looking for a dress , the first was a budget of no more than 40 pounds, the second was to avoid anything glittery, shiny or full of sequins. So after a couple weeks of looking around in shops and stumbling on huge piles of lacey and sequiny items that made me want to scream , I ended up wandering into Warehouse, a shop I rarely visit and found this dress that I absolutely loved, it was well made, had a nice baroque print that wasn't over the top and despite the sheer panel in a very strategic area, it looked elegant and sweet. I also tried it on with a black jumper on top to see if I can wear it just as a skirt and it actually worked well , but the best part was finding out that the price has dropped from 55 pounds to 35 pounds at that minute I knew that for the first time in hell knows how long I'm going to buy a dress especially for the holidays which I'm actually looking forward to wearing!

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