5 Jan 2013

1 2 3 ... Check ...

My Saturday morning started a lot earlier than usual as I had to wake at 6:30am to catch a train to London for a little walk around and lunch with friends from back home. This meant that I actually HAD to try and sort out an outfit last night so I won't have to stress in the morning and get a few extra minutes of sleep.
Since I knew we'll spend a large part of the day walking around I decided to go for something comfy and warm and chose this checkered grey jumper which I got from a clothes swap I did with my friends a while ago and never really had the guts to wear as I thought it might actually be a bit too bold for me. Last night when I decided to wear it I thought the easiest way to tone it down a little would be to wear a biker jacket on top , it turned out to be quite a nice and simple outfit. I also wore my Zara coat on top to help me keep warm,. I know it might sound like a bit of an overload but at least I felt cosy and comfortable running around the city with my friends all day long. 

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