8 Jan 2013

Beauty bites - current favourites

I'm constantly debating with myself whether I want to write more about my favourite beauty items and discoveries. I've recently started getting a little bit more into wearing lip colours after years of avoiding trying out lipstick and balms, not sure why but I always found lip colours to be slightly more high-maintenance than other make-up products (but maybe it's just my usual laziness that made me avoid trying out!)
My recent favourites are Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable balm stains. I find the colours to be more on the natural side which makes it easier for me to wear without too much fuss. This weekend on my trip to the chemists I picked up two new colours- Honey is the one to wear during the day and Romantic a red shade that would be my 'going-out' lip colour. After testing them both I'm happy to say they're great hassle free colours and whilst I had to re-apply them, I found they last for a good few hours without drying up and looking like a mess and I and really enjoyed just having a little bit of colour on my lips.
I also decided to test Sleek makeup's Corrector and Conceal as I very noticeable black circles under my eyes. I chose to go with Sleek's concealer and correcter set after a recommendation from a friend, I never really used a three-steps concealer and correcter so wanted to try out an affordable product to see if I can make it work right and after getting some tips from my friend on how to apply the concealer and use the corrector I was quite satisfied with the result. One of my main worries before trying ii was that I'll end up with white stains under my eyes but with my friend's tips I managed to get it to look natural and it didn't require a lot of fussing and the best thing was that I didn't need to make any corrections during the day, the concealer stayed in place pretty much all day which made me really happy as I was dreading the thought of having to correct and reapply it over and over through the day.

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