9 Jan 2013

New in - Isabel Marant Etoile Zot printed t-shirt

I admit that my latest sales spending may have been absolutely over the top and yesterday was the nail in the coffin. I popped into a local designer fashion shop on my lunch break with a friend from work, it was only meant for to be 'a quick look'. I initially told myself I won't be going there when the sale was going on , mainly because I knew they they had some items I had on my original sales list that I decided I won't be purchasing, one of them was a very similar Isabel Marant skirt which was actually sold out by the time I got to the shop, but then I saw this T-shirt and tried to tell myself to just leave it and not go into the dressing room but ended doing so after all whilst trying to tel myself I won't like the way it looks, obviously that didn't work out as I planned , I put the t-shirt on and really loved it, it was comfy and airy and felt so soft (yes, so much convincing work!) and ended up getting it with some store credit I had left. I'm really happy that I got it, the 50% discount together with the store credit made a huge difference and I think that although this is a Autumn/Winter item , this t-shirt is definitely going to be one of my favourite items when the weather gets a little warmer.  

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