13 Jan 2013

Black and white trend - working it or drowning in it?

Yesterday I took out this jumper from my wardrobe, I bought it on a whim from Forever21, a shop I rarely actually check.  This jumper was bought just after the first signs of the black and white trend that is set to take over the shops in the spring started appearing . I thought at the time that this jumper is amazing, for a second when I was trying it on it made me feel 'on trend' and when I got back home I quickly started imagining how many outfits I'll be building around it, well , guess what? I didn't, I admit I never wore it until today, I just didn't have the guts because I felt it might be a bit too bold for me, I do love the look of bold black and white stripes that will be every where soon but I was intimidated by wearing them myself and this jumper made me feel more at ease, however, I think now that maybe the black and white trend isn't really for me. I do love black, but white had always scared me for some reason and today as I'm wearing this jumper I'm full of love and hate for it at the same time. I love it because I really like the black and white pattern on the jumper, I hate it because I'm not really sure it's me, I don't feel 100% comfortable wearing this jumper and instead of rocking the trend I feel more like I'm drowning in it.It might be too early to tell, I might still change my mind as the spring approaches, but for now I'm not sure how or if I'll be embracing the black and white trend. Truth is that every season I have at least one trend I want to try so I usually try to evaluate how each trend would work for me but I have to admit that I do sometimes make bad decisions fall for trends that just aren't right for me and find myself drowning into them but I think as the years go by I'm becoming more and more critical when it comes to trends and this black and white jumper certainly serves a good lesson, helping me realise where I might be right and where I might be wrong when it comes to the latest fashion trends.

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