15 Jan 2013

Dressing for comfort - simple prints and warm knits

After a few days of playing around, trying out weather-defying outfits, attempting to make new trends 'work' and in general being a little confused about what I feel like wearing, I'm back to what I usually consider to be the most comfortable outfit. 
The best way for me to get back to feeling comfortable is to wear the simplest items I have. When I think of simple and comfortable I usually look for an item that I can easily wear, this means that I don't need to adjust it, look 1000 times in the mirror to make sure it sits properly or spend a the whole day doubting my outfit. 
Today I chose two items I featured before, both considerably old and spent significant amount of time untouched in my wardrobe. I shared my doubts about the khaki jumper before and wore the printed dress last weekend when I wanted my outfit to feel a little less wintery. This morning when getting ready for work I once again had the urge to wear something light and chose the dress, knowing that it would be far too cold outside for just the dress , I started trying on different jumpers , first it was black, then grey and even a very dark shade of blue, none of them worked and I was ready to put the dress back on the clothing rail until I remembered the khaki jumper I kept having doubts about. The minute I put those two together it just felt right, the dress is light and airy and the jumper seems to work just great with the light coloured print and obviously keep me warm. I'm happy that I have those days in which I discover that two items I don't care much about can work so well together and create a nice, warm and comfortable outfit. 

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