13 Jan 2013

Defying the cold with Isabel Marant Etoile

Isabel Marant Etoile T-shirt, Zara shirt, H&M skirt
All this week since getting this lovely Isabel Marant Etoile t-shirt I've been dying to wear, almost every morning I tried to figure out a way to fit it in to my outfits despite the cold weather but eventually given up because it was just way too cold. Funnily enough, today of all days when the temperature outside has hit the zero mark , I decided that no matter what I'm going to wear this t-shirt when I go out to meet my friends for our Sunday Lunch,  so eventually I put on my Khaki Zara shirt to help me keep warm(I mentioned how this shirt is slowly becoming one of my go-to items!) and my faux leather skir which I'm loving more and more every time I get a chance to wear it. I'll be honest, I'm actually freezing but luckily the pub is just around the corner from me and I have my trusty coat to keep me warm on my way to the pub for my Veggie Sunday Roast and a couple of beers with my friends, there's no better way to warm up and wrap up the weekend! 
Happy Sunday :)

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