12 Jan 2013

Where would I be without my biker coat?

Zara biker coat, Topshop denim shirt, Zara dress
Today has been ridiculously cold , I once again piled on layer upon layer to make sure I stay warm. I really felt like wearing my printed ruffle dress from Zara but the sheer and light fabric were impossible in this cold so I decided to add a denim shirt I recently dug out of my closet , I didn't wear the shirt since last summer but it seemed to work well with the dress but I still wasn't convinced , the outfit felt just a little bit too scruffy for me but luckily I had my coat to save the day, I always feel like no matter what I wear this coat makes every outfit look ten times better. I'm usually not a big fan of coats and usually choose the most basic and simple coat I can get, I spent 4 years with my last coat because every winter when it was time to get a new coat I couldn't find the right one and this year it seemed like the shops were flooded with gorgeous coats and this coat from Zara is probably what I would consider to be my perfect coat, it feels great and looks nice with pretty much everything and the best thing is that it keeps me warm through the winter days. It's funny but think I'll be a little sad when the winter is over and I won't be able to wear it anymore. 

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