20 Jan 2013

If you can't beat them join them ...

Last night when I went into bed I thought to myself that this episode of mad freezing weather and snow is pretty much over, it seemed last night that the snow stopped and started melting and it actually felt a little warmer but this morning I woke up to realise my optimism didn't seem to make a giant impact on the weather. It was snowing again and by mid-day it didn't seem like the snow will be going anywhere, the problem was that I actually did need to go somewhere, nowhere nice or happy but an urgent visit to the chemists to stock on cold relief medications as it seems my brave attempts to defy the cold weather have ended in defeat which meant I just had to prepare myself properly for going out of the house. The jumpers were layered, the gloves were ready as was the giant scarf and a pair of fleecy leggings I simply refused to admit I'll ever wear outside , but there wasn't much choice - I now have a proper cold and need to find a way to get to chemist , even if it means looking like I just got out of bed. As I was already defeated , there was only one item I was in denial about - the wellies, yes, that pair of boots I hide far far away in my wardrobe and deny the existence off every time someone mentions I should probably wear a proper pair of boots for the snow, that pair of boots that makes my legs feel like sausages and makes me want to lock myself in the house , yes I guess it's the time for our annual meeting , there's no other way around. I admit my defeat and trawl in my wardrobe for a few minutes until I pull out a black bin bag, this is where they hibernate most of the year, sitting there just waiting for me to pull them out. So there it is, the wellies are out and I guess this means this is where my winter denial sort of stops, all I have left to do now is get out of the house and at least try and enjoy running around in the snow for a little bit before it's gone, after all , I finally pulled out my winter fashion nemesis out of hiding. 

**and on a more serious note, if you know any homeless shelters open around where you live and see a homeless person in need , please let them know where they can go to keep warm and get a hot meal. It might be fun for me to rant about my dislike for wellies and the winter, but there are some people who really need help in this cold weather and sometimes just simple directions to a warm place can save a homeless person's life. 

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