7 Jan 2013

Sheer and cheerful

Sheer biker jacket - Zara , Dress - Urban Outfitters
Waking up early on Monday mornings is certainly proving to be a great way to start the week. Despite the darkness outside and the usual gloomy weather, I had enough time to run to the gym , get back home and get ready for work, guess that's not a bad way to start the week! 
I've been planning to wear the sheer jacket I got from Zara last week, I know it might be a bit too cold but I thin yesterday's outfit choice made me thing that it might be actually bearable once I get to the office and set the heating on full blast. The dress I chose is a dress I haven't had a chance to wear since I bought it last summer , I've been trying to find a way to wear it in the cold weather but just couldn't get it to look the way i wanted until I realised the dress and the sheer jacket might actually be a perfect match, a light and casual outfit perfect to start the week with. I'm actually really happy with this outfit because I'm already thinking it will be a great transition outfit when it gets a little warm, in the meantime I'll keep the heating on when wearing this one.

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