8 Feb 2013

A day of khaki and grey

Continuing my experiment of pulling out items from my 'summer' wardrobe this morning, I found this lovely and basic grey wrap skirt. I was quite surprised I tucked it with my summer wardrobe and forgot about it as it's such a perfect item for the winter! When I found it I felt like I hit the jackpot, I know it's just a simple grey skirt but I remembered how much I loved wearing it last summer. I thought about how perfect it would look with just a simple black jumper and a couple of chunky necklaces or bracelets but then I was tempted to try it on with a khaki shirt for the sake of experimenting and I have to admit I loved the result, unfortunately the photos don't do those two items justice but it's a great basic outfit, and although there's nothing ground breaking about it I think it's a perfect for a casual day at work. I'm really happy I'm enjoying playing around with items I've forgotten about it makes me appreciate them again and keeps me from getting into this magic circle of 'I have nothing to wear, I need to go shopping'. It's such a relief sometimes to know that there's some lovely items just waiting to be worn again in new way to help with finding  some inspiration in the wardrobe and not in the shops! 

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