7 Feb 2013

Forget the winter wardrobe

ASOS T-Shirt, H&M skirt, Zara Shirt, Kurt Geiger shoes
I find it hard to describe how I'm feeling towards the simple daily activity of 'getting dressed' over the last few weeks, I've moaned endlessly about how sick I'm of the weather and got caught up in what I can only describe as 'the magic circle of un-inspiration' when it comes to getting dressed. My morning routine has become slightly depressing when I'm reaching for my wardrobe and picking something to wear. I usually have something in mind when I go to bed at night but then I wake up in the morning, look at my clothing rail and pick up what I thought would be an amazing outfit , only to find myself moaning about it being too cold to wear XYZ or too short to wear to the office or too colourful for a winter day. This endless stream of excuses just doesn't stop and as result I simply back off and go back to my usual over-piling of jumpers, thermals and throw on a printed skirt to make myself feel a little bit better about everything.
Today I decided I must stop this circle by reaching to the 'summer' shelf in my wardrobe. I thought finding some old gems that have been left on the shelf waiting for warm weather might help with finding the spark.
The black and white print shirt immediately caught my eyes as I forgot how much I liked to wear it in the summer, so I said to myself that no matter how cold it might be this is definitely the sort of item I was hoping to find. From there it was a fairly easy journey to an outfit I was happy about, a faux leather skirt and a khaki shirt  over the t-shirt and there I standing in front of the mirror with an outfit I was extremely happy with for a change!
I'm now really looking forward to see what other 'summer' treasures I can find tucked away in my wardrobe.

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