23 Feb 2013

Fashion Reads - Marie Claire Runway Spring/Summer 2013

Images: Marie Claire Runway
I wrote earlier this month about the Runway and Collection editions being my favourite magazine editions between seasons and I finally managed to get my hands on the Marie Claire Runway , I think this is by far my favourite runway/collections edition and it's amazing considering it's only the 3rd edition that's been released! I really waited to get my hands on this one as I knew it would be fabulous, I remember going through the Winter editions over and over for weeks after it was released and I know I'll be doing that again with the new Spring/Summer editions. 
It's just so colourful and the editing and layout are absolutely stunning in my opinion, the appeal of a well edited magazine will never wear on me as with all my love for the world of digital nothing beats a magazine you can reach to when you need some inspiration. I was holding myself from having a quick look through when I got it yesterday and promised myself it would be my Saturday morning fashion treat and oh boy what an amazing treat it is. I almost wish all magazines will look like this on a monthly basis but I guess I'll have to be patient and wait for September when the Fall/Winter edition is released and that's going to be a long wait so I'll definitely be going back to this in the next few months.

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