22 Feb 2013

Shoe lust - Cheap Monday Cube Pump

A little obsessed with this pair of pumps from Cheap Monday since I've seen them in the London store earlier this week. I really like the combination of the pointy toe and the chunky heel and although I skipped the opportunity to try them on, I'm regretting this a little bit as they definitely made an impact when I first saw them.
I might give them a try next time when I'm in London as they're sort of my combination of a perfect shoe, chunky heel , pointy toe, simple but a little out of the ordinary. Not sure I'll actually be able to walk in them so can't really discuss the practicality but they still leave me very fascinated, at least until I get a chance to try them on myself.


  1. Oh I shouldn't have seen these, now I'm obsessed with them, and we do not have that store here. I bet they are quite easy and comfy to walk in. Now I want them. In white.

  2. I actually had a look around and it's possible to order them online from a few places but I noticed their outer lining is synthetic and they cost about 80 euros , I think for this price it's possible to get a good pair of leather shoes! They're still really nice and interesting but a bit overpriced I think unfortunately.