11 Feb 2013

Monday surprises

There's nothing that makes me happier than getting a package from home , but I really wasn't prepared for what my mum put in the package I received this morning. When she told me a couple of weeks ago she's got a really special surprise in the post for me I was hoping for some sweets and snacks from back home but when I opened the package I got this morning I couldn't believe my eyes. The package included some of my favourites sweets but tucked neatly under layers of wrapping paper I found this Zara jacket and the Iro skirt I was planning to buy in the sales but decided it would be a little bit too much for my budget. I was so surprised with the contents of this package I almost felt like crying. Luckily I'm going to visit my family next month so I think I'll have to think of a nice way to pay back my mum for those insanely expensive treats she packed for me, she also let me on a little secret about where she found this skirt on a very heavy discount and promised we'll take a trip to check out the place when I'm on my holiday next month.

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