12 Feb 2013

Laying low

Today's outfit is the sort of outfit I just pulled first thing this morning without giving it too much thought , which to be honest is the perfect way for me to get dressed as I feel that spontaneous outfits sometimes work ten times better than an outfit I spent too much time thinking about. I think this jumper from Sandro hasn't really gotten the attention it deserved and I can't seem to find a good reason why, I mean it's simple, warm and comfy and doesn't require too much thinking, but I still can't figure out why I'm not using it more often, luckily today's cold weather was a perfect day to wear this and it really didn't require more than a simple black skirt and a good pair of tights. I actually think it's probably better than most other items I tried so hard to mix and match to get into an outfit. I'm just thinking whether the constant need to improvise because of the weather is dragging me into this boring circle of failed attempts at dressing up comfortably or whether I should stop blaming the weather and blame myself for not investing more money in warmer winter items? This is definitely something I'm admitting to failing at. I tried to avoid admitting this for so long only to realise I might be making the same mistakes again.
I'm hoping that in a year's time this winter's experience will be a good memory of what I should be focusing on when looking at my winter wardrobe so hopefully I'll spend the next winter with more practical items.

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  1. This is a great look, understated and muted but interesting in its different textures.