18 Mar 2013

Monday is not a friend

I'm not going to start the discussion about Monday mornings, this photo is probably a good enough evidence of how a Monday morning feels, messy hair, trying to get dressed in partial darkness whilst trying to snap an outfit photo, even having another arm wouldn't help me to get myself organised on Monday morning. So today's outfit was mostly of the kind that can only be described as 'pick up whatever you spot and get on with it' , a random blue sweatshirt and a black skirt , the sort of lazy outfit that just screams 'oh no it's Monday' but I do love this random sweatshirt to which I added this necklace I got from &Other Stories which I love. I'm actually wearing it the wrong way around but I actually prefer it that way because I love the clasp detail on the back. Nothing brilliant there but it's Monday after all so there's still a long week ahead to make up for a slow and not very exciting start to the week.

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