17 Mar 2013

Summer prep

I honestly haven't lost my mind , I'm aware that it's only 5 degrees outside and it's pissing down and miserable which meant forcing myself to try on summer clothes for my visit home next week was the last thing I felt like doing today.
In general getting dressed for summer is probably not something I really enjoy, I always feel much more comfortable with a couple of layers on and a pair of black tights and luckily British summers are perfect for that most of the time, however back home it's another story, with temperatures easily reaching 30c in March layering is not an option so I had to dig out some light items and base my outfits around two lightweight black cotton skirts that would work nicely with a t-shirt without too much messing around. I'll also probably add a couple of simple cotton LBD's that I can dress up or down to save space and avoid carrying too much weight (I hate overpacking!).
Now, the only item I wish I had was a nice pair of sandals which I have yet to find (there's plenty of options but nothing that I'm particularly excited about!) but I guess I'll be able to live for a few days without them.

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