1 Mar 2013

What I thought I'd never wear - the varsity jacket

This week was probably one of the toughest I had recently, one of those weeks in which everything seems to go wrong and just escalate and along with the gloomy and cold weather, it pretty much left me feeling uninspired and exhausted which meant it's was just one of those weeks in which getting dressed seemed to be the lowest in the list of priorities.
Luckily , it's all over at least for now and whilst I'm still feeling quite exhausted I decided that more than anything I should at least try to pull myself together when I get dressed this morning. Luckily, I had this lovely new jacket to be excited about, and it was a  jacket of the sort I never thought I'd wear!
The idea of a varsity style jacket was definitely not something that I thought I would go for or could see myself wearing, it was just something that I always associated with high-school team sports and not fashion but then I saw this jacket at River Island  and decided I'll take the plunge and try it on. I thought it didn't feel like the sort of varsity jacket that would be too much in your face, I actually  thought it would be an item that can be a fun addition to a casual outfit and I'm really happy I tried it on despite my initial hesitance. The fit is really great and it actually doesn't look overly sporty and not too oversized or puffy as some varsity style jackets are and I actually have to give River Island some props as I realised that some of my favourite jackets are from there and this one is definitely a new addition I'm excited about.

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