2 Mar 2013

Take me out

I was hoping I'll be able to skip my usual weather discussion but hello, what a sunny day it was ! A perfect excuse to get out to meet with my friends earlier today. Obviously it was also a great excuse to tuck away my winter coat for a few hours and try out the biker jacket from Zara that has been sitting and waiting for warmer days.
I chose to stick with my favourite combination for the moment which is black blue and white, blue is certainly growing on me from day to day so those are the items that catch my eye in an instant. When it was time for me to get ready I knew that this combination is what I wanted to wear. it's a simple outfit but I really loved the contrasts between the three colours and the print and more than anything I was absolutely excited about not having to wrap up extra layers to keep warm and just go out and enjoy the sunshine!

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