15 Mar 2013


I spent most of this week in and out of conference and meeting rooms, the dress code was very formal and it seemed as if when a bunch of people who are usually used to wearing whatever they want to work meet in a more formal or business setting they all suddenly become uniformed robots, for the ladies including me it was mostly black dresses or a combination of black skirts and white shirts. Needless to say after spending 3 days   dressed like that I started feeling a little tired and bored and since the weather was still cold and unpleasant the only thing I could think off was this strange somewhat hideous somewhat funky cardigan/jacket .
I have a love hate relationship with it, it's warm and comfortable and definitely looks great over a simple t-shirt for that boho vibe (or whatever you would like to call it) but it was the first time I actually paired it with something more formal, it was a coincidence as I was running out of time when getting dressed  in the morning and decided to just stick with this cardigan and black dress, like it or not, I think by the end of the day with the cold weather I kind of warmed up to it but it's still one of those items I'll always have doubts about. 

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