13 Mar 2013


Last week I wrote about H&M's new brand &Other Stories and as I had the opportunity to visit the new store in London last week I decided to write about my visit to the store and what I got. 
I visited the store last Friday when I was in London, I didn't actually get a proper look at the store as it was opening day which meant it was extremely busy and hectic. 
The store itself is huge and beautifully laid out and I think the best thing about it is that it acts as a 'one stop shop' where you can stock up on pretty much everything from lingerie to beauty products and obviously clothing, shoes and accessories. 
As I mentioned I found it hard to actually get a proper look as it was quite busy on the day but I did manage to pick up a couple of items I saw on the site and wanted to get a feel for before buying them. 
I picked up a passport holder and a small wallet (each £19) both are part of a collaboration with designer Clare Vivier, both well made with soft colourful leather and plenty of space to pack all of my junk. 
The two other items are a bit matchy-matchy as well , a chunky chain link necklace and a bracelet which caught my eyse as I was browsing the site before visiting the shop. I absolutely love two of them, but then I'm a sucker for chunky metallic items so it's not a surprise I was drawn to those two. 

As for the clothing, I feel like I wasn't really able to have a proper look around because it was very busy but since I had a look at the website I knew what I wanted to try out and managed to sneak to the changing rooms to try a couple of those items before the queues became impossible. However I had a hard time figuring out the right sizes. I decided to pick a few different sizes to see what works best. The first was a skirt which I saw on the site and really liked, I picked the skirt in UK 12, 14 (EU 40, 42) as I really couldn't determine what the right size would be. I also picked a dress which I could only find in sizes 34 and 38 (the 38 looked huge but I decided that it would be best to try it as 34 seemed too small) and two t-shirts in 38 and 40.
The skirt in size 40 was quite tight and looked really small and 42 was actually too big which was quite surprising as it seemed like a giant difference so I decided to skip the skirt and move on to the dress, I first tried the UK 10 (EU38) , I thought it was way too big and made me look like I'm wearing a tent so I tried the UK4 (EU34)  thinking it would be too small but the fit was just right, however the length was way too short in my opinion and as I couldn't find the dress in 36 I decided to try my luck and order it online.
The T-shirts again were a little confusing , I tried both in size 40, one was too big and the other too tight but at this stage I was a bit too tired and decided to leave those to my next visit. 
Overall , I was quite impressed, the variety of accessories and clothing is amazing and everything is really well presented and aimed at making you want to pick pretty much everything and drop it in your shopping basket. I also like the fact that there are items to fit pretty much every budget and as for the sizing , I suppose it might just be me as I always have issues with varying shop sizing charts so and found this to be quite confusing but now I'm waiting for my dress to arrive so once it's here I might be able to give some more insights on the sizing but overall I'm really happy with my picks so and actually really looking forward to my next visit in London so I can hopefully visit the shop when it's a little less busy. 

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