4 Apr 2013

Art and Fashion at the Tel Aviv museum of art

Yes, I'm still reeling from my vacation back home and it's been a little hard to re-adjusted to the cold and gloomy weather over the last few days! I also had some big news that caused quite a lot of stress and commotion but I will write about this later on as this post was intended to go up a few days ago just as I got back but with all of what's been going on has been pushed aside. 

So this post is dedicated to another one of my favourite places in Tel Aviv and it's the Tel Aviv Museum of Art which hosted not one but two great fashion exhibitions, the first pictured above was dedicated to Cristobal Balenciaga's archive of collected garments along with a presentation of Cristobal Balenciaga's designs and inspiration. I was really impressed with the setup and the amount of articles , the presentation was quite interesting as well with mannequins standing in a slightly cold and industrial setting that was a complete opposite to the beautiful designs and archived garments but nevertheless I was really impressed with the collection and setup which were both gorgeous.

Image: Tel Aviv Museum of Art
The second exhibition was called Fashioning the Object and featured designs and work from Bless, Boudica and Sandra Backlund who's dresses and presentation were absolutely stunning and I couldn't hold myself from snapping a couple of photos of the detailed and gorgeous garments. 
According to the museum's brief introduction 'The exhibition raises a discussion about the methods and representations of fashion—a discipline representing a mechanism of constant change'. 

Apart from Sandra Backlund's designs I spent a long time staring at the videos and by Boudicca, the room was completely dark with only small item, mannequins and video screens showcasing the designs and work process. 

Image: Tel Aviv Museum of Art

And of course I couldn't avoid walking through the rest of the exhibitions in the museum , from room to room and from the new to the old wing, even though I spent hours there when I was young in all sorts of art courses I was still excited to walk around the permanent exhibitions and changing exhibitions despite the fact my brother was hoping to get out early and run to the beach (we eventually got there!) but if I only had more time I think I would have come back on another day to do another walk around ! 

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