1 Apr 2013

Tel Aviv - Old and new

I returned to England last night to be greeted by the freezing weather and I'm still trying to recover a little bit from my trip in Tel Aviv and while I sit at home in my pyjamas feeling a little uninspired because of the weather I pulled out a few more photos I took when I was visiting Tel Aviv and thought it will be nice to write a few posts about my favourite places.

On one of the first days of my visit I went for a walk in Jaffa's flea market that in recent years has become a centre for new and creative shops for anything from housewares to fashion. Some would say it has taken the magic of the old and original market away and in some ways I agree with that but the original market and old market shops are still there alongside newer and trendier establishments and lots of new bars and restaurants.

I obviously found it hard not to step into the newer designer shops, they were all very tempting and beautifully decorated which made it hard to skip visiting them.

Before leaving I sat down to have a proper plate of houmous, in Israel many places serve it as a main dish rather than a side and there's many restaurants who serve only houmous and pretty much everyone in Israel has their preference for how they like their plate of houmous (there are so many variations on how to make this dish that if you spend a week eating just that you will notice the differences in taste and texture).

For desert we went to a bakery on Jaffa's main street that specialises in making Kenafeh which is a sweet cheese pastry that is quite common around the Levant and probably one of my favourite desserts especially when it's served with strong aromatic black coffee to balance all of the sweetness. 

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