29 Sep 2013

Slight returns

Two weeks ago, I was standing here on the muddy banks of the river Thames, just a few miles away all of fashion's big names were congregating in Somerset House for London fashion week, while I stood there in cigarette in one hand, camera in the other, muddy shoes and an old jumper,  I felt so far away from anything that can be considered 'fashion' and it wasn't just on that day, it's been something that's been going on for months, pretty much from the moment I unpacked my belongings in my new shoe-box of a flat here in London, it started the minute I took my first walk to the tube for my new job and carried on forever since then.
In my last post almost 6 months ago, I was wishing everyone happy spring, now autumn leaves are falling. It's been a rough journey, far from the colorful and exciting one I had planned in my head. In 6 months I started and left a job I moved to London for, started another job and even after 6 months I'm still struggling to settle in. Fashion has been pushed aside as I was struggling to get used to the mad pace of this city. But now as things are starting to come down a little , I felt I need to go back to what used to be my favourite form of escapism. I still don't know what will be the future of this blog, but I definitely missed writing here and hope to found the inspiration again. Tomorrow, hopefully will be a fresh new beginning for me :)

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