30 Sep 2013

An ode to the black dress

Untitled #43

Trying to reflect on my fashion experiences over the last six months is quite a bitter experience. To be honest, I can't even think of any actual fashion experiences. It might sound bitter and ungrateful but the truth is that adjusting to life in London was far from exciting and inspiring, especially when it came to fashion. My morning routine which previously included lazy snoozes and sometimes two or three outfit changes before taking a short stroll to work has been replaced with a manic morning routine that lasts no longer than 20 minutes before I set on a manic dash for the train to work. Since I'm a terrible morning person, all this manic running around makes me less than excited to get dressed in the morning, it doesn't matter if I keep thinking all night about what outfit I'll wear, when the alarm clock starts ringing, the only thing I want is extra five minutes in bed and something comfortable and easy to wear and this is where my new best friend the black dress steps in. It's not like I never wore a black dress before, but never have I been so reliant on them on a bad fashion morning as much as I'm now! I feel as if I always underestimated the genius of the little black dress as the perfect fashion cure for laziness and now I just can't get enough of all black ensembles, however it does leave me to wonder if the search for a simple and comfortable solution has replaced the desire to experiment and explore the world of endless possibilities we call fashion?

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