13 Oct 2013

Earn your stripes

Skirt H&M, Jumper Mango

This morning a friend finally managed to pull me out of the house for a bit of shopping. I've been avoiding shopping recently as I gained a little bit of weight recently and not feeling very fashionably content with myself and clothes at the moment. I tried going shopping on my own a few weeks ago but just couldn't find anything that fit me, all those lovely oversized garments and rounded shoulder silhouettes dominating the catwalks and high-street this season are an absolute pain for me, no matter what I try on I look like I pulled a sack of potatoes over myself. At the moment I seem to have a thing for stripes, as you can see by the two items I bought on my shopping outing today. I thought a couple items with stripes can be good to work into my wardrobe that recently seems to rely only on solid black and grey items. Hopefully this stripey investment would help me to get out of the style-rut for a little bit.

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