21 Oct 2013

Slipping back to the 90's

Zara slip dress
My 90's hang-up seems to have reached a peak point , or a new low , depending how you look at it. Within a few minutes of madness on my way back home yesterday, I went into Zara and came back with a slip dress ! Yes, my mum's worst 90's nightmare and a good old favourite of mine is back. There was nothing I loved more in my teens than layering a slip dress with a  chunky jumper and there was nothing my mum hated more than this outfit. Slip dresses at the time were one of the very few clothing items I could afford, usually bought in a market stall that used to stock damaged stock which the local shops got rid off, a slip dress was probably 3 or 4 times cheaper than a proper dress and had that cool and edgy factor (oh well, at least that's what I thought at the time) and so I was immediately sold on the slip and jumper combo and used to spend days going through the stalls in the market chasing the perfect slip. 
Fast forward to 2013, the slips are back and all it takes is a stroll to Zara, in a way I'm excited to be able to wear a slip dress again, it's a bit of a trip down memory lane for me but then when I look at it I ask myself if my 90's rebellious self would have approved me wearing a slip dress bought from a giant international fast fashion brand all in the name of jumping on the latest trend in fashion? Maybe if I hadn't gone through that experience in my teens, I could have dismissed this trend, but right now I'm unable to avoid the temptation of doing it all over again.

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