7 Oct 2013

The perfect backpack

It seems like the last two season have thrown me into some kind of time-travel mood, the return of 90's fashion trends has thrown me into a nostalgic journey back to my teens, a period of my life that most times I would rather forget. But now , suddenly I find myself falling for all sorts of 90's trends I just couldn't work in my teens. One of these trends is the return of the backpack, in my teens it was my mum that used to dictate what backpack I'll be carrying to school and while she did her best at finding a good combination of cool and practical , I still wanted something more exciting to carry my books in. 
Alas, my school days are long gone, and for years I didn't think again about the backpack days, not until I moved to London and had to figure out the best way to carry all the junk I usually carry in my handbag on my train journey to work. I kept losing everything in my giant tote, I could never find my oyster card when I needed it, I kept thinking I lost my wallet, my phone and what not. Eventually my good old tote bag broke under the stress of carrying all my junk,so I decided to try a smaller bag which I just couldn't overload with junk, that didn't work out well at all as I couldn't fit all of what I wanted and then I saw this beautiful backpack at Fenwick, a department store I can never actually afford to shop in but love to visit for some window shopping. 
Surprisingly this bag is slightly more costly than my usual budget but was still more affordable than the usual designer handbag prices, at the time I still couldn't afford it and by the time I did it was sold out. The sales assistant offered to take my details and contact me if the bag is ever restocked, I left my details and forgot about this bag, but last week I got and email saying the bag is now back in stock , it's been a long long time since I got to treat myself with something nice so I thought it's about time I make a bit on an investment and buy a new practical handbag and what can I say ? It was probably the best purchase I made in a long time. I'm really happy with this bag, it ticks all of the boxes for me, roomy but not big enough to keep losting all my stuff, it's also comfortable to carry and has enough pockets to help me easily take out whatever I need without having to rummage through my bag and above all it probably embodies all of what I wanted in a backpack when I was a teenager with a little bit of extra sophistication.

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