8 Oct 2013

Growing up ... into dungarees

I'm clearly on a roll when it comes to not dressing my age, I thought things will change finally this year but here I'm again, finding myself drawn to all sorts of age-inappropriate outfits. 
Today it was this dungarees dress, I love it so much, even though I know deep inside I probably shouldn't because I'm too old but then again, it was all a case of missed opportunities as I was growing up, somehow I never managed to find one that fit well enough when I was a typical 90's teenager and pretty much hated them as a child. But now, just when I promise myself to try and dress like a grown-up and look like a lady I finally have the perfect dungarees dress.I try to convince myself that it's all OK and that tomorrow I'll try to dress up like a grown up again,but today I just want to relive my childhood again.

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