30 Nov 2013

All the same, all over again ...

You can tell I'm obsessed with an item of clothing when I find any excuse to wear it and at the moment it's this jacket, I wore it earlier this week for work with a white shirt and since today I was feeling a little lazy I decided that it'll be the perfect companion for this Isabel Marant for H&M tee. This jacket is one of those items that I know I'll keep wearing for a long time because it just goes with pretty much anything and can be the sort of item that you'll reach for when you just can't think of anything interesting and yes, being a lazy dresser means that an item like this gets all the points. 
My mum told me years ago that there are certain pieces you'll buy that will stick with you for a long time without you even realising as long as they're simple and can be dressed up and down without too much effort and looks like this jacket, although so thin and basic and bought at H&M is one of those that I'll wear in and out until it falls apart. 

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